Why have eFax Services Become So Popular

If you think Fax has become outdated, you are wrong. In fact, Fax technology has evolved into eFax that is more eco-friendly as it sends document digitally. According to an IDC research paper, 82% of respondents said the usage of eFax services has increased in recent years. Let’s look at the reasons that have made eFax services so popular.


With the eFax service, you can easily send and receive faxes from any place in the world. You don’t need equipment like a fax machine, toners, or papers. With the best eFax service, you can send copy and send faxes from internet-connected devices like smartphones. Also, you are not restrained or limited to a particular space to send an eFax. You can also send faxes while on the move.

Going Green

eFax service is considered environmentally friendly as they do not use paper. It reduces the usage of paper as faxes are sent and received electronically. Also, you do not have to print faxes to keep for future records. All this reduces paper consumption to a greater extent.

Removes Clutter

A clunky fax machine can be a clutter occupying premium office space. With eFax service, you won’t need fax machines, toners, or paper that will remove clutter and free premium office space. The section which was earlier used for fax machines and storing paper and toners can be put to better use.


An eFax service can be used by home workers, small and medium businesses and also large enterprises. With best eFax service you can opt for plans with high limits or no limits at all regarding a number of faxes (sent or received) at affordable costs.

This makes eFax service in par with traditional fax systems. The only difference is companies have to pay one single rate (monthly or yearly) for the eFax services. The eFax service is available for all company staff irrespective of an employee’s location. Also, there is no need to buy fax machines or other equipment.


With eFax service, you don’t need to buy a physical fax machine, paper, toners, and other equipment to send and receive faxes. Also, there are no maintenance or repair costs that are generally associated with fax machines. This helps the company’s bottom line and makes the eFax service affordable for business of any size.


eFax service is more secure than traditional fax systems. For example, remember the time when you had to hover over your fax machine when you were expecting a confidential document. eFax puts an end to such practices. With eFax service, the confidential documents are dropped right in your inbox far from any prying eyes. Besides, the fax documents in your email are stored with 124-bit level encryption.

Send Large Files

The eFax service can also prove a good alternative to email in some scenarios. For example, you cannot send large files by email. With eFax, it is possible to send big files through eFax.

Also, sometimes you have to wait for files to arrive due to slow emails. With eFax, things become faster and you can share high-resolution images, presentations, and presentations without blocking your email.

Digital Signature

Signing digital documents is essential for the validity of the contract. eFax services support digital signature feature and you can conveniently add a digital signature to the contracts.

Multiple Ways to send Faxes

eFax services work with a wide range of devices including smartphone, desktop, tablet, and many more mobile devices.

Cloud Storage

Leading eFax services offer unlimited cloud storage to store all your faxes in one place. You can save any document or image to the cloud storage from any place and also access it from anywhere. This eliminates the need for storing, organizing, or archiving documents.

Private Fax Number

When you sign up for eFax services, you get your own private fax number that is never busy. This ensures your clients and customers won’t face difficulties in sending faxes to your company.

These are some of the reasons that have made eFax services popular. However, electronic fax service is different and you need to select the best eFax service to get all the features mentioned above.

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