What is a Good Alternative to Square?

Pick a Perfect Payment Processor

The traditional type of cash transactions has become infrequent, and in its place, people use payment cards for making their purchases. Cashless transactions have become a reality. Due to this present scenario, payment cards have become all the more relevant. People across the globe use their credit and debit cards for payments. The volume of such instances has increased these days because of the present pandemic the world witness. Naturally, along with this high significance of payment cards, the selection of payment processors is equally vital as far as traders are concerned. That said, merchants will have to select appropriate payment processors; this is vital to make the payment process effective and trouble-free, which will satisfy their customers. Only when the customers remain satisfied, the sales volume will increase.

Bigger Business – Look For Alternatives to Square

By all means, Square will work well with micro-merchants, where there will be just a mobile swiper. The entire process of business transactions will be precise and safe, and the trader will be very much comfortable as there will be no related tensions. However, along with business growth, the number of customers will automatically increase, and consequently, intense transactions are bound to take place. Here, the trader will have to have a much more functional payment processor, which will have a much more functional capacity and which will be able to give better customer service. The significant disadvantage of Square is weak customer support. Besides, the Square will not be able to cope up with big processing-requirements. For such bigger-requirements, one must use a different company that works with various hardware suppliers. Hence, it is always prudent to have a look into the available alternatives to Square.

A Peep into the Alternatives to Square

Though Square is the prime-option of many small-scale businesses, it is also possible to find a better substitute for the same. Some of the advantageous alternatives to Square are Leaders Merchant Services, Flagship, CreditCard Processing, Payment Cloud, North American BANCARD, etc.

•  Leaders Merchant Services: Transparent pricing is the tempting trait of this option; the rate starts at 0-15%. The daily approval facility is indeed appreciable. Apart from the EMV terminal that you will get free, there will be round-the-clock customer support, and these professional customer-friendly attitudes make the Leaders Merchant Services real leaders. This option is a pragmatic choice for retail vendors and restaurants. Apart from the mobile payment facility, the service will be quick, and you will get 24/7 support.

•  Flagship: The features of Flagship include a free setup option, which indeed is persuasive. There will be free Clover and EMV terminal options. Users will not have to pay upfront costs. The same day funding facility is another attraction. Here also, users will get the mobile payment option and the same day approval provision. Many traders opt for Flagship because of the overall easiness.

•  CreditCard Processing: Users will have free equipment, and the account set up facility will be free. The month to month agreement is an additional tempting feature, and this gives the users the leeway to renew the same only when they are fully satisfied as regards the services received. The mobile payment facility and 24/7 customer support make the system handy. The solution is best for restaurants and retails merchants. The solution is best for restaurants and retails merchants.

•  Payment Cloud: This option is practically the best for high-risk merchants. The setting up of the account and gateway will be free. The incorporated features include any industry setup option. The approval rate is more than 98%, and mobile payments are allowed. The secured environment is a prime point to note, which makes the option all the more powerful and hence, advisable.

•  North American BANCARD: The key tempting feature of this option is the support it gives to a wide range of currencies. Many modern-day traders prefer to have this option because they can sell their products or services across the globe without any difficulty. There will be an alleviation of chargebacks, and this will be an automatic process. The availability of analytics and proper professional and automatic reporting will make the user aware of the happenings. The system is mobile-friendly, and mobile payments are allowed.

For getting detailed information regarding the varied payment processing options that are practical alternatives to Square, you can search through the websites that provide a comparative study on the different available methods.