PaymentCloud’s Transparent, Cost-Effective Credit Card Processing Helps in Long-Term Growth

PaymentCloud, a leading California-based merchant service provider, is known for its innovative solutions focused on customers’ needs. The company offers comprehensive services for businesses of all sizes. For instance, PaymentCloud offers eCommerce customers virtual terminals and getaway ID for secure debit and credit card processing along with telephone transactions and card-not-present mail. It is well-known for being a valuable merchant service provider for high-risk businesses.

Here’s how PaymentCloud helps with businesses’ long-term growth.


PaymentCloud is a high-risk specialist. It is difficult for high-risk businesses to set themselves up with a reliable merchant service provider. The risks are too high and often; these businesses do not receive approval from merchant services. There is also the risk of merchant services offering them shady deals. Such aspects can be detrimental for any business.

Enter PaymentCloud. It is known for providing stellar services to high-risk businesses. Yes, the company serves businesses of all sizes and without any high risk payment factors. But the company has immense capabilities to meet the operational requirements of high-risk businesses. It assists them with compliance and safe credit card processing.

How it helps high-risk businesses –

There is a reason PaymentCloud is a high-risk expert. It believes in hands-on approach during the initial setup along with underwriting processes. It also believes in offering endless follow-up support to all its clients. The payment terms for high-risk businesses are different. So, the services offered are also stellar and as per the quality standards, you will receive.

It has an approval rate of more than 98% for high-risk businesses.

Others –

PaymentCloud also offers dedicated account representatives to its clients. Expect next-day deposits, cash advance for new businesses, and customized CCP solutions. There is no set-up fee. You can also lease equipments.


Transparency –

You will receive all the information when setting up an account with them – irrespective of the nature of your business. Even though PaymentCloud doesn’t offer its pricing information on its website; you can find about it by contacting them.

The company is known to receive referrals from other payment getaways. It speaks highly of its reliability and transparent services. PaymentCloud is not in the business of direct processing of payments. It is a partner to many processors and banks.

The charges for its high-risk clients are higher than its low-risk clients. So, you will know from the start that you are paying a higher fee as the merchant is processing your high-risk transactions. It doesn’t hide the fact that higher-payment plans exist for its high-risk businesses.

High-risk businesses may still be eligible for month-to-month plans. For the most part, the standard contract for high-risk businesses with PaymentCloud is two years. It is still lower than the industry standards, which is a three-year period.

The PaymentCloud website contains proper information about businesses that are considered as high-risk. You will find mention of why a specific industry is known to be high-risk. There is a detailed explanation given about accepted industries.


Swipe rates are low. There are tiered plans available with them. You will be able to see the costs incurred by you. For instance, for card-present processing (for restaurants and in-person retail outlets); you may need to pay a monthly fee along with interchange-plus rate. Other charges may include rates for PCI non-compliance, chargebacks, retrieval, batch processing, voice authorization, or coverage for a data breach. Some of these charges may be applicable and other not so much depending on your business. But you can skip out on costs such as installation and account setup fees, monthly minimum, statement fee, and annual fee.

So, you essentially get the benefit of having an excellent merchant service at low or affordable costs. It can be extremely useful for SMBs, startups, and struggling businesses.

Excellent Support

PaymentCloud offers excellent support to its clients. Your business will have an account manager dedicated to you. A single point of direct contact with your merchant service is a valuable deal. It also leads to greater transparency for businesses. You can easily seek information about chargebacks and any technical problem. Such services are especially useful for high-risk businesses.

With such features and benefits, PaymentCloud is an ally for your business’s long-term growth.