How Protected Are You with Spam Filtering Services?

Emails are generally used in formal occasions and nobody likes to have unwanted mails in their inboxes. It is the last place you want to see ads and newsletters you didn’t subscribe to. If you are working in a business organization and receive spam mails constantly, it is more difficult to put up with it on a daily basis. To be honest, spam messages will not stop anytime sooner as spamming is too way too common and cover almost 50% of the mails in each inbox. However, spam can be avoided if you are using the appropriate methods to prevent them from entering your inbox.

Spam filtering/email filtering is one of the best solutions to avoid spamming in business organization. If you are reading this article, you might have some fair idea about the concept or at least heard about it from your colleagues or counterparts. If you are bothered by spam and wondering if spam filtering services really help in avoiding spam, this article is definitely for you. Read on to know the benefits these services offer to business organizations and judge for yourself if it is worth implementing it in your organization too.

How does Spam Filtering work?

The setup mainly includes a mail exchange record through which all the incoming and outgoing messages have to pass through. The mail exchange record is equipped with a number of spam filters, each filter having its own way of identifying and blocking spam. There are content based filters which identify spam by looking for specific keywords/phrases or certain type of attachments. There are filters which work on the basis of blacklists and block all the mails coming from a blacklisted source. This blacklist is constantly updated over time and so are the content based filters. The mail exchange record includes a combination of these filters, thus offering a robust anti-spam technology.

Benefits of Spam Filtering/Email Filtering to Business Organizations

1. Increase Productivity

Productivity can be seriously hampered when your inbox is filled with unwanted messages. You have to go through a pile of spam to find the important mails you received meanwhile. This is not only annoying but a waste of time when you have important work. With email filtering, you don’t have to worry about loss of productivity anymore.

2. Avoid Security Threats

Emails are one of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to unauthorized computers and email systems. There is a good chance that they include malicious attachments in these spam mails and the viruses and Trojans that come through these attachments can invade your computer systems. This is a serious security threat as it will lead to information leaks and converting your computers into hosts for sending spam mails. Spam filtering can put an end to all of these security threats.

3. Compliance with data security and email standards

Business organizations are supposed to comply with many data security and email standards. The organizations are supposed to keep the data of their employees and customers safe, keep their computers uncompromised and ensure no spam goes out of their organization. Implementing a spam filtering services ensures you comply with all these standards.

4. Free Up Your Server

It is speculated that around 60% of the emails circulated in the world every day is spam. If that’s true, imagine the amount of unwanted messages that is passing through your email server. Imagine the amount of resources i.e. bandwidth, power and memory space that is being used up to process these incoming and outgoing mails. With email filtering you can put a permanent end to this.

5. Easy to Use and Implement

Lastly, email filtering/spam filtering services are easy to implement and use. You don’t need any additional hardware/software installation to setup the system. Your employees can send/receive mails using the existing mail system without any changes required. In addition, they don’t need any special training to use these services.