Online Fax Service – Why is this Service Vital for Modern Companies

Fax technology has evolved over the years. Today you have an online fax service which does not require an expensive traditional fax machine. Here we talk about the advantages of the best online fax service and why it is vital for modern companies.

Saves Money

Online faxing allows enterprises to cut down unnecessary expenditures and go green. It costs around $12 to $15 every month whereas traditional fax machines cost about $150 to $300.

The cost of the fax machine is not the only expenses related to traditional faxing. You have to also consider costs like paper, ink, toner, and other fax consumables. Also, you need to spend some amount on maintenance of fax machines. If you add all costs, it will go beyond $100 or more.

In online faxing, you only pay the monthly fees, and there are no other costs involved as there is no printing or paper required. This not only adds to convenience but also helps businesses reduce carbon footprint and also save money.

Greater Convenience

Traditional faxing comes with lots of inconveniences. For example, one employee needs to be physically present at the fax machine while sending and receiving faxes. If the fax document is confidential, the manager or the concerned person has to walk to the fax machine and send or receive the fax by self to protect sensitive information in the document.
On the other hand, the best online fax service offers greater convenience to everyone. The online faxing method involves the use of a computer to send and receive faxes. This means anyone with an online fax account can send faxes from their computer and receive faxes in the inbox. You don’t have to wait or stall your work to receive faxes. Whenever the fax arrives, it goes straight to your inbox waiting for you to open it.

Send Faxes in Different Formats

Traditional faxing allows you to send and receive paper faxes. On the other hand, online faxing will enable you to send faxes in different formats like images, PDF formats, and word documents. This aspect can be of great convenience to modern business.

Just imagine sending a multi-page document via a traditional fax machine. You would be required to print every page of the file and then feed it into a fax machine. With online faxing, you need to attach the digital document, and the fax is delivered to the recipient in a few moments.

Digital Signatures to Faxes

One of the reasons why traditional faxing remained important is the ability to sign the documents. However, digital technology has progressed, and you can add a digital signature to documents before sending through an online fax service.

Digitally signed documents are equally strong in terms of legality. They offer authenticity to the document, just like physical signatures. This makes online faxing useful even when sending legal documents in electronic format.

Stay Organized

Storing of printed faxes is a big problem as paper withers or gets spoilt with time. Environmental conditions like moisture, dust, and other elements also affect the quality of the printed fax. With online faxing, all faxes (sent and received) are stored in one place. Digital documents can be stored easily in comparison to paper faxes.

Online faxing service allows you to tag faxes for easy identification and retrieval. The online fax service offers intelligent search filters that enable you to search fax by different criteria like sent or received date, recipient or sender name or fax number, subject, or even keywords. This ensures your employees do not waste time finding that specific fax you need.

Better Than Email

Many people often argue email is better than online faxing. However, if you take a closer look, you will come to know online faxing has few advantages over email. We often hear businesses employ strict filtering rules that route many emails with attachments to spam folder or block them altogether.
On the other hand, documents sent through an online fax service to fax machines don’t get filtered as spam. Though the faxes are received in an email inbox, they are sent to a fax number.

Long story short, the best online fax service can transform your business.