Everything about Email Encryption Services You Must Know

Almost every business relies on email communication for operational purposes. But not every business takes steps to ensure that the emails are secure. If your sensitive business information falls into wrong hands, it can cost you a great deal in terms of money and clients.

The way to secure emails is to encrypt them. For businesses, it makes a lot of sense to use email encryption services to secure their data.

Here is everything you need to know about email encryption services.

What is Email Encryption?

Email encryption refers to the practice of encrypting or hiding information in the emails to prevent unauthorized people from reading them. Encryption makes the email content unreadable without authentication such as a password. So, even when an email is accessed in an unauthorized manner, it will be unreadable to that person.

What are Email Encryption Services?

Email encryption services help enterprises secure their email communication by handling all the technicalities that come with the process.

Things to know about email encryption services –

Not all email encryption services are the same. Yes, when looking for a service provider for encrypting your confidential business emails, you need a technology that is easy to use and economical for your enterprise.

It should integrate well with your existing system. If you need to overhaul your system to use an email encryption service then it is simply not a practical exercise for any enterprise. Anyone in your company using the encryption service should be able to access it without needing to acquire any new technical knowhow simply for this purpose.

Ease of use also implies that your business requires no investment in purchasing additional software to use email encryption services. The messages must be accessible through any email account. Ease of use must also be applicable for the recipients. The recipients must be able to access the emails without any hassle.

A company wishing to use email encryption services must be able to subscribe and pay for it on the basis of per user. In a company, not everyone using official emails may require to encrypt them. So, it makes economical sense to subscribe it as necessary. There are some email encryption services that offer this option so that businesses of all sizes can afford to secure their confidential email communication.

Email encryption services can really secure your confidential communication. Depending on your service provider, you can get access to powerful security features. Some of the security features you can expect from reliable email encryption services can be controlling the maximum number of times the email can be viewed or setting a timeframe for accessing a particular email. You can also use features like hiding the name of the sender or preventing anyone from forwarding an email. You can also revoke a person’s privileges to view an email.

Such security features can help anyone using encryption services feel confident about sending across confidential information through emails.

Email encryption services can help improve business processes. When you can use emails to send and receive sensitive information without security concerns, it becomes feasible to use the technology to simplify business processes.

For example, you can send and receive invoices and financial statements faster and economically through emails. You can also help your customers feel safe when sharing sensitive information with you. When your customers know that their payment and other details are safe with your business, they are more likely to use your services.

Phishing is a big security concern for businesses. By using email encryption services, you can protect confidential details about your customers from unauthorized access and misuse.

Making Sense of Email Encryption Services

Email encryption services make sense for big enterprises as they can outsource the hassle of handling the technical aspects of the process and free up their IT department for other tasks that need to be handled in-house.

For small and medium enterprises, using dedicated encryption services provides them with the security they need but without spending any money on hiring IT personnel for the task. For self-employed people and small businesses on tight budgets, email encryption services are a way to secure their business information in an affordable way.