PaymentCloud’s Transparent, Cost-Effective Credit Card Processing Helps in Long-Term Growth

PaymentCloud, a leading California-based merchant service provider, is known for its innovative solutions focused on customers’ needs. The company offers comprehensive services for businesses of all sizes. For instance, PaymentCloud offers eCommerce customers virtual terminals and getaway ID for secure debit and credit card processing along with telephone transactions and card-not-present mail. It is well-known for being a valuable merchant service provider for high-risk businesses.

Here’s how PaymentCloud helps with businesses’ long-term growth.


PaymentCloud is a high-risk specialist. It is difficult for high-risk businesses to set themselves up with a reliable merchant service provider. The risks are too high and often; these businesses do not receive approval from merchant services. There is also the risk of merchant services offering them shady deals. Such aspects can be detrimental for any business.

Enter PaymentCloud. It is known for providing stellar services to high-risk businesses. Yes, the company serves businesses of all sizes and without any high risk payment factors. But the company has immense capabilities to meet the operational requirements of high-risk businesses. It assists them with compliance and safe credit card processing.

How it helps high-risk businesses –

There is a reason PaymentCloud is a high-risk expert. It believes in hands-on approach during the initial setup along with underwriting processes. It also believes in offering endless follow-up support to all its clients. The payment terms for high-risk businesses are different. So, the services offered are also stellar and as per the quality standards, you will receive.

It has an approval rate of more than 98% for high-risk businesses.

Others –

PaymentCloud also offers dedicated account representatives to its clients. Expect next-day deposits, cash advance for new businesses, and customized CCP solutions. There is no set-up fee. You can also lease equipments.


Transparency –

You will receive all the information when setting up an account with them – irrespective of the nature of your business. Even though PaymentCloud doesn’t offer its pricing information on its website; you can find about it by contacting them.

The company is known to receive referrals from other payment getaways. It speaks highly of its reliability and transparent services. PaymentCloud is not in the business of direct processing of payments. It is a partner to many processors and banks.

The charges for its high-risk clients are higher than its low-risk clients. So, you will know from the start that you are paying a higher fee as the merchant is processing your high-risk transactions. It doesn’t hide the fact that higher-payment plans exist for its high-risk businesses.

High-risk businesses may still be eligible for month-to-month plans. For the most part, the standard contract for high-risk businesses with PaymentCloud is two years. It is still lower than the industry standards, which is a three-year period.

The PaymentCloud website contains proper information about businesses that are considered as high-risk. You will find mention of why a specific industry is known to be high-risk. There is a detailed explanation given about accepted industries.


Swipe rates are low. There are tiered plans available with them. You will be able to see the costs incurred by you. For instance, for card-present processing (for restaurants and in-person retail outlets); you may need to pay a monthly fee along with interchange-plus rate. Other charges may include rates for PCI non-compliance, chargebacks, retrieval, batch processing, voice authorization, or coverage for a data breach. Some of these charges may be applicable and other not so much depending on your business. But you can skip out on costs such as installation and account setup fees, monthly minimum, statement fee, and annual fee.

So, you essentially get the benefit of having an excellent merchant service at low or affordable costs. It can be extremely useful for SMBs, startups, and struggling businesses.

Excellent Support

PaymentCloud offers excellent support to its clients. Your business will have an account manager dedicated to you. A single point of direct contact with your merchant service is a valuable deal. It also leads to greater transparency for businesses. You can easily seek information about chargebacks and any technical problem. Such services are especially useful for high-risk businesses.

With such features and benefits, PaymentCloud is an ally for your business’s long-term growth.

How Outsourcing IT Support Can Help Your Business and Turn in More Profit?

Outsourcing a part of the organizational work to other external agencies, especially the IT-related tasks, has become regular in our time. All medium and small companies will benefit from outsourcing. Large companies like corporates will not find it difficult to maintain different departments for carrying out their daily tasks, which are part of their organizational works. However, it will be a financial burden for small sector companies. The best bet to find out the best IT support in Houston is to search through the internet and find out the leading players.

How Outsourcing IT Support Can Help Your Business and Turn in More Profit?

When you set up a specific division within your organization for handling the IT-related works, you will have to do a lot of related tasks. These tasks include the recruitment of employees, arranging the system, buying the connected software, maintaining the perfectness of the system, and updating it in tune with the changes that happen. Consequently, you will have to spend a large sum. For paying the monthly salary of the employees, maintaining the system, and for other connected miscellaneous expenses, you will have to spend a fixed cost. However, when you decide to outsource the same tasks to an external company, you will need only limited finance, and of course, this will be variable. Nevertheless, if you want to hire competent IT support in Houston, you must check the credentials of the agency in detail before signing a contract.

You will save the monthly salary that you will have to pay for the employees you hire for your organizational IT section. Here, you are diverting the due fixed expense to variable expense. This situation pragmatically means that there will be an increase in the cash flow within the organization. This increased cash flow will be a relief for small sector companies, and they can use the same for other productive organizational tasks.
When you have your own organizational IT section, you will have to give specific job training to the employees regularly. Besides, you will have to update your system in line with the requirement. When companies outsource their IT-related jobs externally, they can save money, effort, and time considerably. There will not be any need to monitor the outsourced works as the provider will take full responsibility. The company can utilize the saved resources for other productive tasks within the organization. Focusing more on the organizational tasks will augment the prospects of the company.

Outsourcing will bring in more efficiency. A specialized IT company will be more productive than a separate IT wing that you set up within your organization. Their employees will be well qualified, experienced, trained, and certified. Professional IT Company will have all the necessary technical expertise and the connected tools and will be up to date as regards the related technology. Hence, they will be more efficient in monitoring and controlling the inflow and outflow of your communications and storing them as it should be with proper safety measures.

You will get the service at any time you want as all leading managed service providers give round-the-clock services all through the year. Hence, monitoring your data and making use of the same in sync with your practical requirement will become easy. For making this type of round-the-clock arrangement within your organization, you will have to arrange a shift-system, and for this, you will have to have another set of employees, which practically means that you will have to spend again.

Cyber safety is a vital matter, and when it is lost, your organization will lose credibility. When integrity is lost, then that will affect the growth of the company. You will get high security for your data on an ongoing basis. The provider will check and ensure that your system gets perfect protection from all the possible cyber attacks.

IT Support in Houston

Once you gather the web addresses of the leading IT Support in Houston providers, it will be wise to check and compare the quality of the provided services, the overall technical perfection, the professional competence, and the promptness in providing the service. Pricing is also another significant matter to consider.

What is a Good Alternative to Square?

Pick a Perfect Payment Processor

The traditional type of cash transactions has become infrequent, and in its place, people use payment cards for making their purchases. Cashless transactions have become a reality. Due to this present scenario, payment cards have become all the more relevant. People across the globe use their credit and debit cards for payments. The volume of such instances has increased these days because of the present pandemic the world witness. Naturally, along with this high significance of payment cards, the selection of payment processors is equally vital as far as traders are concerned. That said, merchants will have to select appropriate payment processors; this is vital to make the payment process effective and trouble-free, which will satisfy their customers. Only when the customers remain satisfied, the sales volume will increase.

Bigger Business – Look For Alternatives to Square

By all means, Square will work well with micro-merchants, where there will be just a mobile swiper. The entire process of business transactions will be precise and safe, and the trader will be very much comfortable as there will be no related tensions. However, along with business growth, the number of customers will automatically increase, and consequently, intense transactions are bound to take place. Here, the trader will have to have a much more functional payment processor, which will have a much more functional capacity and which will be able to give better customer service. The significant disadvantage of Square is weak customer support. Besides, the Square will not be able to cope up with big processing-requirements. For such bigger-requirements, one must use a different company that works with various hardware suppliers. Hence, it is always prudent to have a look into the available alternatives to Square.

A Peep into the Alternatives to Square

Though Square is the prime-option of many small-scale businesses, it is also possible to find a better substitute for the same. Some of the advantageous alternatives to Square are Leaders Merchant Services, Flagship, CreditCard Processing, Payment Cloud, North American BANCARD, etc.

•  Leaders Merchant Services: Transparent pricing is the tempting trait of this option; the rate starts at 0-15%. The daily approval facility is indeed appreciable. Apart from the EMV terminal that you will get free, there will be round-the-clock customer support, and these professional customer-friendly attitudes make the Leaders Merchant Services real leaders. This option is a pragmatic choice for retail vendors and restaurants. Apart from the mobile payment facility, the service will be quick, and you will get 24/7 support.

•  Flagship: The features of Flagship include a free setup option, which indeed is persuasive. There will be free Clover and EMV terminal options. Users will not have to pay upfront costs. The same day funding facility is another attraction. Here also, users will get the mobile payment option and the same day approval provision. Many traders opt for Flagship because of the overall easiness.

•  CreditCard Processing: Users will have free equipment, and the account set up facility will be free. The month to month agreement is an additional tempting feature, and this gives the users the leeway to renew the same only when they are fully satisfied as regards the services received. The mobile payment facility and 24/7 customer support make the system handy. The solution is best for restaurants and retails merchants. The solution is best for restaurants and retails merchants.

•  Payment Cloud: This option is practically the best for high-risk merchants. The setting up of the account and gateway will be free. The incorporated features include any industry setup option. The approval rate is more than 98%, and mobile payments are allowed. The secured environment is a prime point to note, which makes the option all the more powerful and hence, advisable.

•  North American BANCARD: The key tempting feature of this option is the support it gives to a wide range of currencies. Many modern-day traders prefer to have this option because they can sell their products or services across the globe without any difficulty. There will be an alleviation of chargebacks, and this will be an automatic process. The availability of analytics and proper professional and automatic reporting will make the user aware of the happenings. The system is mobile-friendly, and mobile payments are allowed.

For getting detailed information regarding the varied payment processing options that are practical alternatives to Square, you can search through the websites that provide a comparative study on the different available methods.

Why You Should Outsource Your IT Support?

IT services undoubtedly are the basic needs for the smooth and efficient operations of your business. Possessing a wide range of IT services helps your business to grow and attract potential clients besides imparting other benefits.

Sometimes, it might be difficult to compare the pros and cons of both – inhouse operations and outsourcing – and decide which one the best.

Here, we have prepared a list of reasons why outsourcing your IT support will be a better option for your business and how it helps in managing your infrastructure. We will also reveal the hidden truths about the in-house IT department issues and how it consumes more money and waste infrastructure.

Have a look at these points that decode why you should choose to outsource your IT support needs:

Cost Reduction

Providing salary to an IT manager might need you to pay hefty pay packages. In addition to this, you need to conduct regular training and workshops to make them familiar with updated technologies and skills, which consumes even more funds.

Here, outsourcing your IT support can help limit your budget. You will get a full team of well- trained IT professionals ready to help you anytime with a little amount as compared to an in-house manager.

No more internal expertise shortage

As technology is an ever-changing aspect, your IT support also needs changes according to it, which otherwise might lead to a lack of work for dedicated staff. You just can’t appoint any full-time employee to wait for any breakdown to occur.

The IT support in Houston helps you with this. You can simply call the IT professional at the time of need and in your budget constraints. And the best part, you need to pay only for the services you avail.

No hassles of recruiting employees

There is a huge list of factors you need to consider while recruiting your own In-house IT team such as:

·  If the person you are selecting is skilled enough?

·  What is their experience?

·  What is their technical background?

·  Are they capable enough to handle your work?

·  Will, they bring results for you?

There are endless measures you need to look for before recruiting the right person for your IT department. As your business privacy and networking purely depends on the IT department, you can’t take any risk.

If you are not an IT savvy, the recruitment procedure can be hectic, time-consuming, and expensive. Whereas if you outsource your IT Support, you don’t have to take all these tensions.

The only thing you need to do is a single call at the time of need and rest the outsourcing team will take care of yourself by assuring that the IT professional is UpToDate with the latest skills and possesses demanded technical knowledge.

Focus on your core works and the real goals of your business

You are a business, and you must value your time. Your every second is precious and your business needs your 100% focus. You should not waste your time worrying about who is going to look after IT support. You should manage your employees, your customers, and other aspects.

Outsourcing your IT support will enable you to free your mind from the networking side and focus on other fields while you can focus on running on your business instead of managing technology.

Increase productivity

If you think you are saving a lot by developing an in-house IT support department, think again. There are chances that employees can get distracted by IT issues and lead to a reduction in productivity.

Outsourced IT support in Houston can appoint a technician to fix your problems whether big or small without time-lapse. This will speed up your problem solving and reduce downtime.

Make the best use of the latest technologies

As we know, the IT field is developing rapidly and transformation is taking place at an alarming rate. There can be a possibility that your products and software are not according to the latest updates.

An outsource IT Support in Houston will always provide you with the latest technology. The team of professionals gains smart intelligence and training and helps you to attain a new milestone in your business.

HVAC Takeoff Solutions for Contractors

Contractors need to perform an HVAC Takeoff before bidding on a project as it allows them to make an accurate estimation. Performing an HVAC Takeoff involves determining what your overhead costs are likely to be. For this, you will need to figure out how much time you will require to complete a project, the number of crew members you will need to employ for the project, the number of hours they will work, and the materials you will need.

HVAC Takeoff Solutions for Contractors

A growing number of plumbing contractors now use HVAC estimating software solutions to simplify the process as well as to get quicker results. Let’s consider some of the benefits of such HVAC Takeoff solutions:

• You can access over 200,000 items in the software database.

• You can access built-in mechanical, plumbing, and piping assemblies in the digital job plans.

• You can do a manual Takeoff or use a digitizer or on-screen digital plans for the purpose.

• You can include information about materials and labor in your bid summary.

• You can estimate the cost of the required labor by referring to current labor rates.

• You can refer to real-time updated manufacturer pricing to get the right prices for the materials you will need.

• You can customize Excel report extensions and integrate the estimating data in it.

• You can improve your workflow with a customizable database and interface.

• You can integrate your price details with the accounting system.

Performing an HVAC Takeoff

The first and obvious step is to go over the project details and determine if you have the technical expertise and trained personnel to handle the exact work requirements. For example, if you primarily work on residential HVAC, you may not have the necessary experience to undertake a large-scale commercial HVAC project.

If you can do the project, check its blueprints in detail and make sure you understand all the specifications. Otherwise, you might make a bid, and then realize that you have overlooked some essential details and missed including them in the proposal. It might create issues with the clients if you tack on additional costs later.

Use the plans to determine the exact materials you will need.

Make a note of any items that might require specialized fixtures or installations and factor in the time and installation costs for them. Consult the suppliers about installation instructions or any additional aspects you’ll need to be aware of to quote the job correctly.

Will you need to rent equipment for the HVAC work? Include their rental costs in the bid.

Check if you have got the right and most current supplier costs and labor estimates and overhead estimates, and if you have included insurance and any other required documents with your project bid.

Benefits of Using HVAC Takeoff Solutions

In a rapidly digitized world, using HVAC Takeoff solutions is now more of a necessity than an option for HVAC contractors. Here are some of the benefits for your business:

• You can customize a digital Takeoff template as per your requirements.

• You can refer to a range of mechanical assemblies as well as plumbing and piping assemblies for the project.

• You can import digital project plans and drawings into Takeoff and refer to them on the go or share them with co-workers and clients.

• You can view your Takeoff data on multiple screens.

• You can get fast and accurate Takeoff results, and that can save a lot of time that you would otherwise have to include in your overhead costs, and which would reduce your profit gains.

• You can check the current prices of materials in the regularly updated pricing database.

• You can customize the proposals and export them, if necessary, to other regularly used document formats.

• You can check the market analytics.

You can try out the HVAC Takeoff software solutions for free on a 30-day trial. The software is accessible on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Sampling it for free will allow you to check out the different features of the software and see how using these can help streamline your business processes, save your overhead time, and bring in work profits. You can then opt to go for a monthly or annual subscription plan.